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Kenyon Associate Director, Crisis Communications to Speak at Resilience Through Tourism Summit

Amman, Jordan, 11 June 2018 – Kenyon Associate Director, Crisis Communications Donald Steel will speak at the first regional Resilience through Tourism Summit in Amman, Jordan from 26-27 June. The international conference will bring together key stakeholders from the private and public sectors to discuss strategies for recovery and developing resilience, brand management for sustainable growth and effective communications. It will also look at regional and international case studies and shared best practices.

Steel, alongside other industry experts, will take part in a social media panel where they will share lessons learned on what and how to use technology. He will highlight the camera phone’s effect on human behavior, most especially regarding incidents, and how professionals run the risk of miscommunication should they eschew the utilization of visual messages.

The Resilience through Tourism Summit focuses on building indigenous capacity. The Jordanian event will highlight the theory and practice of winning strategies that have resulted in resilience. They seek to understand the line between civil and corporate responses, what resources are available and the importance of private public partnerships when addressing destination perceptions. The objective of the event is to identify and agree on initiatives that will improve the travel experience for the traveler. Global figures in attendance will include tourism ministers and officials, journalists, public relations and media.

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