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Media Inquiry Call Center

Kenyon provides a Media Call Center to assist companies with their media response following a crisis. The Media Call Center receives media calls, provides consistent approved information, distributes news releases and prioritizes requests for interviews or specific coverage. Using our proprietary software system, Kenyon Response Media™, our call agents follow pre-built scripts and flowcharts through every step of the call. As Kenyon Response Media is web-based, the information on media callers and the nature of their enquiries is available in real time to company press officers so that unexpected trends can be dealt with quickly before they become problems.

Kenyon's Media Call Center (MCC) is a Kenyon owned and operated facility which Kenyon has created in response to the demands of our clients. The MCC provides a surge capacity for media enquiries in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. This service, offered in both English and Spanish, has proved attractive to many clients as a supplement to their own media resources.

The Center can be operational within one hour of notification and has been designed to interact constantly with the clients Communications representative. The MCC Operators are trained by Kenyon to follow a set script to ascertain caller credentials, questions being asked and caller contact details. This information is passed for assessment to a Crisis Media expert to determine level of response and actions required. In addition to the script questions, the center Operators will be provided with the latest press releases, statements and other public information from the client to provide to journalists as appropriate.

The Media Call Center can be subscribed to as a stand-alone service or ideally taken as an addition to the Kenyon Crisis Communications service.