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Mass Disaster Missing Persons Service

This service provides an immediate response with a customized, professional and experienced call center capable of collecting key information from family and friends about persons directly affected by or missing during an incident.

Kenyon’s Disaster Missing Persons Service provides government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) a critical resource in the hours and days following a crisis that results in a large number of missing persons. Immediately following a natural disaster or other crisis, it is not immediately known who may have been impacted and missing. Governments and responding NGOs using Kenyon’s Disaster Missing Persons Service are given a toll-free number to publish for family members, friends and victims to use to start building a database of information for those potentially affected by the incident. As public inquiries are often cyclic with the heaviest volume typically immediately following an incident, the call center may be quickly scaled up or down depending on needs.

Information collected includes contact information, descriptions, last known location and other key details for search and recovery teams. All data is easily visible during real time, using the Kenyon Response™ data management software designed specifically for incident response.