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Missing Persons Registration Call Center

Kenyon Clients retaining International Call Center Services may at any time activate operational resources. Kenyon manages it resources based on the number of Clients. These resources are not available to non-Clients because of the significant cost in recruiting, training, equipping and maintaining readiness.

When reports of an incident involving large numbers of missing, injured or deceased people reaches the news, affected businesses and governments have only minutes to institute and activate inbound call centers. These call centers must be capable of receiving and processing up to 30,000 calls in a single 24-hour period.

In addition to receiving and sorting through the telephone calls, the call center must be able to accurately capture and organize information from the callers and consistently provide the most current information. They must then begin to return calls to those who are most directly impacted by the event. Finally, they must undertake the process of arranging for travel of families and friends to the incident area.

Many businesses and governments will create instant call centers, diverting operators from normal sales calls, complaint-taking or other marketing activities. However, experience has shown this is often not successful and can have a fairly negative impact on business/government continuity, perception of families and friends calling in, media reports, and stress to the operators who are unprepared for such duties.

Regardless, of the level of preparedness for the event, or responsibility, the people directly involved, friends and families will look to the most visible central party – the airline, hotel owners, cruise operator, tour operator, or public venue owner – for help. In some cases their response and actions are mandated by national laws.

The Kenyon International Call Center is a solution to this problem and one many Clients utilize in combination with our other services. The Kenyon International Call Center provides variable staffing levels capable of receiving 30,000 calls in a 24-hour period for several days.

Prior to entering into a Client agreement, a dedicated full-time Kenyon Call Center Director and Kenyon Account Executives work with you to create a unique activation plan tailored to meet your specific needs, identifying key decisions best made ahead of time, as opposed to at the emotional time of an incident. This also ensures the Clients have the necessary tools to notify Kenyon and activate the Call Center at any time and place.

Kenyon's International Call Center (KICC) unmatched capabilities include:

  • Guaranteed worldwide response 24 / 7 / 365, regardless of other crisis events

  • Guaranteed response upon notification:

  • Within 30 minutes 1 Trained Agent

  • Within first hour 25 Trained Agents

  • Within the second hour 50 Trained Agents

  • Within the third hour 100 Trained Agents

  • Web hosting, emergency response application and database servers are monitored and managed 24 / 7 / 365

  • Complete and 100% redundancy and latency of all software, database and network systems for a failsafe operation

  • Kenyon retains and maintains international toll free/free phone numbers for more than 70 countries

  • Professional interpretation/translation service is available 24 / 7 / 365 to agents in 176 languages

  • All call center agents and managers are Kenyon-trained and exercised monthly

  • Satellite Call Center access points established at Kenyon offices in the UK and US for Client access

  • Clients can access the database from any established internet connection with a Kenyon issued User ID and password

  • Established liaison with multiple government casualty bureaus for coordination of information and care for families

  • Established contacts with major national and international media networks to quickly disseminate toll free/free phone numbers following activation

  • Throughout the response, individuals calling into the system receive personal care with informed agents sensitive to the emotional crisis

  • A key component of the Kenyon International Call Center is Kenyon Response™. This Kenyon-owned system, is experienced based and incident tested. Key unparalleled capabilities of this system include:

  • Kenyon Response™ system is configured to support Kenyon International Call Center response to multiple concurrent incidents without impacting actual incident data

  • Data from the Client's reservation and/or Human Resources/Personnel Systems can be directly imported into Kenyon Response™ creating an immediate list of Persons Directly Affected

  • In those cases where no manifest or list exists, Kenyon Response™ will create a master listing of missing persons or those believed to be directly affected

  • Documents, files and/or photographs created by applications (i.e., Excel, WORD, Lotus, etc.) external to Kenyon Response™ can be linked (attached through directory path reference) to any Person Directly Affected (PDA®), PDA Contact, Incident, Claim or Reference Library entry

  • The Kenyon Response™ system addresses both the initial response to an incident and the ongoing support required of the telephone inquiry center in the days, weeks, months, and, possibly, even years following an incident, while retaining all call records and relationships between callers, survivors, families, and friends

  • The system, combined with Kenyon extensive training program, provides pre-defined scripts for all type of incidents and guides agents through the process of collecting incident data

  • Kenyon Response™ maintains absolute referential data integrity

  • Kenyon Response™ links callers to the Persons Directly Affected and vice versa, allowing for easy data management in the identification of the Next of Kin