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Portable Disaster Morgue and Mortuaries

Kenyon can deploy teams of forensic experts who can assist government agencies, or if needed, independently complete the autopsy, identification, and arrange for the repatriation of disaster victim remains. For large scale losses, Kenyon can establish complete disaster morgues. Kenyon morgues are organized into two major sections:

  • Administration Section – This team supports the operation of the morgue, and the work of identification committees, gathering of ante mortem records, interface with family support operations, and all logistical operations. In addition to preprinted forms, office equipment , inventory systems, this team also manages and uses the internationally recognized INTERPOL PlassData Disaster Victim Identification System™. Kenyon is the only private company with a worldwide license for PlassData™, the only such system of its kind. Kenyon also uses its proprietary software Kenyon Response™ a one-of-a-kind ante and post mortem data management system enhancing the ability of family support operations as well as victim identification.

  • Scientific Section – This team works with the human remains, operating the receiving, holding, anthropology, radiology, pathology, DNA, finger and foot printing, odontology, photography and release stations. Kenyon's forensic scientists staff augments government teams or alternatively work independently to complete medicolegal autopsy to establish the cause and manner of death as well as establish positive identification.

  • Kenyon morgue operations have deployed to large scale disasters such as the 2004 Asian Tsunami, terrorist attacks, charter aviation accidents and major aviation losses.

    Kenyon maintains three deployment ready disaster-scale morgues, one each in Houston, Texas; London, England and Sydney Australia. The morgues are packaged for expedited shipment anywhere in the world.