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Online Training

Does your organization face the challenge of delivering important training to employees throughout your organization on a limited budget?

Bringing people together can be both costly and time-consuming. To expand our training capability, Kenyon has formed a strategic partnership with remote (Remote Group Ltd.) to offer crisis communications training through remote’s industry leading online learning platform.

For the times when face-to-face training is not possible, remote’s online modules are a turnkey solution with available customization options. Many industries are now adopting this new innovative digital approach to training.

Crisis Communications Module

Provides participants with the essentials for speaking to the media if a crisis occurs. Using video examples of real life crises, interactive educational slides, quizzes and insight from working journalists, the goal of the course is to develop front-line personnel’s ability to protect their company’s brand.

Special Assistance Team (SAT) Training Module

Aimed at industries and businesses that know they must train large numbers of staff to a high standard but face logistical challenges when trying to get people from different countries, or even different shifts together, in one place at the same time. Using video testimonials, audio, text and graphics, this engaging and compelling course can be tailored to your company’s exact needs, training requirements and built using your company’s branding and colors. Many in the travel and tourism industry are now adopting this new innovative digital approach to training.

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About remote:
remote logo Major brands and organizations have trusted the team at remote to teach them how to talk to a variety of internal and external audiences. They have trained thousands of people in numerous countries around the world. Now, they are using that training experience combined with their knowledge of network television news production and global corporate communications to develop a series of tailored training packages that can be used online or "on the go" with mobile devices. Learn more at