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Repatriation of Dead Bodies

Utilizing over 100 years of international experience and relationship building in the funeral and death care industry, Kenyon has partners in every corner of the world. Repatriation services include the appropriate paperwork, death certificates, and transport documents for both shipping and receiving officials. Kenyon can also provide turn-key internment services for families.

Returning the mortal remains from an incident site, remote location or foreign country can be a daunting task for many local funeral professionals and even more so for human resources organizations.

In addition to the many requirements of the country of death, transit countries and county of disposition, there are cultural and family requirements to know and observe. There is also the challenge of working with different family members who may not agree on disposition instructions, or even accept identification.

Success depends on meeting the individual needs and desires of families, while ensuring compliance with national and international laws for the transport of human remains.

During mass fatality or large scale incidents, Kenyon can deploy a team of trained specialists who will work with Kenyon morgue teams or government agencies to arrange for the release and transportation of the remains to the location directed by the family (legal next of kin). This team can include licensed and trained funeral service professionals to properly prepare the deceased, or can work with local resources ensuring best practice and international standards are met.

Kenyon begins this process by communicating with you or the family to elicit their personal desires. Kenyon then establishes a database of family desires, religious and cultural requirements, and legal requirements for jurisdictions that are involved or crossed during the operations. Above all else, our professionals work with families to find out their needs, treat them as individuals and not just numbers in a system, or force them to accept a group solution.

Kenyon then coordinates the return with commercial or charter aircraft, ground vehicles and receiving funeral homes, and government agencies involved in this process, each step of the way to confirm the smooth movement of the deceased.

For other losses, such as small group or individual, Kenyon can dispatch a small team to properly prepare the deceased, complete required documentation, collect their personal belongings and arrange transportation to a desired location. In some cases, Kenyon will be able to coordinate these activities with local agents without deploying any teams.

Kenyon also provides, on request, escorts to oversee and accompany the deceased's movements throughout the journey. In cases requiring confirmation of identification, Kenyon can also deploy forensic experts to answer family questions or provide a second verification and confirmation. Like other Kenyon operations, throughout this process, constant personal communication is maintained with the families of the deceased or their representatives to keep them fully informed of the process and the status of the repatriation.

Repatriation of deceased from mass disasters or foreign locations is a difficult process, requiring coordination, and knowledge of various laws, customs and regulations. Every mistake or incorrect document slows the process down and ultimately creates additional burdens for the family. Kenyon can help you avoid this using our trained professionals.

As a Kenyon Client retaining Disaster Recovery Services, you are making the choice to be professionally prepared, with real resources ready to go at any time. You protect yourself and your staff from the very real exposure to the biological and other hazards associated with these incidents, limit exposure to the emotional trauma that is inherent in responding to these events and you allow your business or agency to focus on its core business while truly caring for those who have been injured or lost.