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Risk and Safety Management Training for Airlines

Gates Aviation Consultancy Courses

As part of a strategic partnership between Kenyon International Emergency Services and Gates Aviation to offer expertise on both the prevention of and consequence management following an accident, Kenyon is able to provide three consultancy courses on the following topics: Internal Air Accident Investigations, Safety Management Systems, and International Air Accident Investigations.

While Kenyon works with clients to ensure that they are ready to provide the most effective emergency response, Gates Aviation is able to provide advice on matters such as insurance gaps, safety management, and business continuity before an incident ever happens.

Course Detail:

Airline Legal Department

Following an aircraft accident, the legal department of an airline needs to assume responsibility over and participate in various aspects of the post-accident process to protect its brand and reputation, directors, officers and employees from numerous challenges.

This course aims to provide and/or build on existing knowledge of the legal issues that arise following an aircraft accident to provide attendees with the skills necessary to protect their company, its directors, officers and employees.

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Course Detail:

Internal Air Accident Investigations

The official air accident investigation will be managed by the assigned state investigation bureaus (see separate session on International Air Accident Investigation) but the publication of a final report, with conclusions and recommendations may take months or even years. Customers, insurers and shareholders will expect the operator to take appropriate action at the earliest opportunity to prevent a similar accident in the future, and this action needs to be based upon sound reasoning. As quickly as possible the operator must answer 3 fundamental questions: What happened? Why did it happen? What must be done to stop it happening again? This session provides guidance on how best to get these answers when the operator may not have immediate access to all of the information and data being derived by the state investigators.

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Safety Management Systems

Over the past 15 years the aviation industry has graduated towards a systematic approach to safety and risk management, compiling and cataloguing safety policies, developing procedures and processes, applying metrics to safety performance and setting targets to achieve and maintain. Now the safety management system (SMS) has become a part of our industry standards and recommended practices and consequently a regulatory requirement. The principles of SMS as set out by ICAO are consistent throughout all sectors of aviation but the application of these principles is unique within each organization and the regulators expect operators to demonstrate how their SMS is optimized for their specific operation and how it can adapt to changes as they occur. This session is designed to provide senior managers with a sound understanding of their obligations and responsibilities in SMS.

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International Air Accident Investigations

The conduct of international air accident investigations is defined within ICAO’s Annex 13 to the International Convention on Civil Aviation. This document systematically guides state investigation bureaus (like AAIB and NTSB) through the international protocols which assign national responsibilities and allocate entitlements to the various parties involved. Although the investigation itself will be managed by the state authorities, they will expect substantial support and co-operation from the operator whose aircraft, passengers and crew have been affected. This session is designed to provide the management teams of air operators with an overview of the international investigation process and an understanding of their obligations to the investigation teams. It also outlines what information can be expected from the investigators in support of the internal company investigation (see separate course notes on company accident investigations) and the differing national legislation with regard to sharing of information.

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