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Eline Schotsmans

Eline Schotsmans

Dr. Eline Schotsmans works as post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Bordeaux, France, specialising in forensic archaeology & taphonomy, and is an honorary research fellow at the University of Bradford, UK. Originally from Belgium, Eline worked for 5 years at the University of Bradford as a forensic researcher and teaching assistant, where she also gained her PhD. Eline has a strong understanding of mass-fatality disaster management, identification and family assistance, gained through continuous professional collaboration with the Belgian DVI, several police forces in the United Kingdom and Kenyon. Her research and her international forensic network have added significantly to Eline’s understanding of the role and challenges of DVI. Eline’s field experience was reinforced in spring 2012 when she joined a Belgian forensic team on a high profile project to Burundi.

For Kenyon, Eline deployed in 2010 when she worked in several operational and family support roles at the Afriqiyah Airways accident in Libya. In 2013 she provided family assistance to survivors and family members of a terrorist attack on an oil and gas installation in Algeria. And she was part of the First Responder Team for the LAM Mozambique Airlines accident in Namibia.

Eline’s teaching and facilitation skills combined with her command of several languages continue to be valued by Kenyon particularly for training and emergency exercise projects.

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