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Steve Halliwell

Steve Halliwell is the Head of Compliance and Security for an active airline service. Prior to his current role, he worked for large airport companies and airlines in several countries since 1988, including BAAplc, TBIplc, IATA, Silverjet, Arik Air and Safi Airways.

Halliwell’s past roles have given him experience in safety, security, QA and emergency planning deliverables, which comprised implementation of SMS, QMS, SecMS frameworks – including FDM to meet national and international standards requirements. This involved management change, manual compilation, training development and delivery, planning, audit and investigations. He has also coordinated and managed numerous National Aviation Authority audits for many airlines in varying jurisdictions.

Halliwell is an experienced and current IATA IOSA auditor who has been heavily involved in passing the IOSA audit process seven times and audited numerous airlines globally. In terms of emergency planning, hehas delivered many workshops/presentations and exercises.

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