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Why Kenyon?

Kenyon is the oldest and most experienced firm of its type with over 100 years of direct response to disasters worldwide. These include politically sensitive deaths, corporate losses, major aviation losses, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, and genocide in many different parts of the world.

Kenyon is fully transparent, providing honest counsel and crisis management to clients and family members. Our resource library of current legislation is always available to staff and clients so that they can make the best legally-informed choices. We believe the best way to care for people in a crisis is to provide them all the information they need to take care of their staff, their customers and their families.

Kenyon has four established offices, which include two complete crisis management centers; three complete portable morgue units; two complete personal effects identification systems; multiple family assistance resource kits, and a proprietary data management software suite - all supported by over 1,700 full-time and on-call staff. These are real resources dedicated to responding 24 / 7, 365 days a year.

Kenyon is widely acknowledged in the field of crisis management. Many of our full-time and on-call staff are published and sought after by the media as subject matter experts. Many sit on public and government scientific and technical working groups, as well as Boards of Directors. Kenyon belongs to and supports many trade and social organizations.

Kenyon is the only firm to offer a single integrated service to respond to disasters. All services are under the direct control and management of full-time Kenyon staff. From the inquiry center to memorials, members and families will only deal with one company, dedicated solely to their care. Kenyon is the company chosen by more airlines and governments than all of our major competitors combined. These companies and governments throughout the world have done their due diligence and determined the strength and experience of Kenyon to be the best fit for them.