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About Us

For over 100 years, Kenyon Emergency Services has been at the forefront of crisis management and disaster response, offering unrivalled experience and full-service capabilities to expertly manage complex crises, of all types, globally. 

Our reputation as the world’s leading provider of crisis services is testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering response efforts of the highest standard. We ensure that the best possible care and support is given to those affected by incidents, which helps our clients safeguard their reputation and value. It’s why over 500 public and private sector organisations, across all industries, have chosen Kenyon to not only prepare them for a crisis, but to support and guide them through their darkest days. 

Why Kenyon?

As leading experts in crisis preparedness and emergency response services, we have planned for and delivered responses to incidents of all causes and scales, from devastating natural disasters to public health crises, terrorist attacks, and major transportation incidents. Founded in 1906, we bring more first-hand crisis management experience than any other provider. 

We believe in a proactive approach to crisis preparedness, partnering with clients on a pre-incident basis. Our planning and training support includes evaluating and enhancing emergency plans, conducting disaster drills, preparing response teams for immediate action, and providing comprehensive spokesperson coaching with live-camera exercises. Ultimately ensuring our clients are as ready as they can be. 

Should the unthinkable ever become a reality, Kenyon provides support, strategic guidance, and high-level counsel for as long as required. This includes swift deployment of teams across our full suite of disaster recovery, humanitarian response, and crisis communications services, as well as rapidly mobilising and operating emergency call centres and Family Assistance Centres to compassionately support those affected. 


To date, we have expertly responded to hundreds of incidents with the help of our highly experienced full-time staff and global network of over 2,500 specialist Kenyon Responders and Associates. We maintain significant supplies and equipment in strategically located warehouses around the world to ensure we can rapidly respond to any crisis, anywhere.

As a team, we truly care about our clients and the people affected by crises and work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes in the face of adversity. We are passionate, innovative, and committed to staying one step ahead, ensuring we are always up to date on international legislation and best practices. We take great pride in knowing our clients feel in the safest of hands when it matters most. 

Part of the Air Partner Services Division

The Air Partner Services Division is the result of​ our acquisitions of Kenyon Emergency Services, Baines Simmons and Redline Assured Security.

These organisations are united to empower our clients in resolving operational, compliance and regulatory performance challenges, achieved through Training, Consulting and Managed Services that support aviation, transport sectors, critical national infrastructure, armed forces, governments and regulators, in addressing risk and vulnerabilities throughout their organisations.

Baines Simmons are trusted advisors to more than 750 aviation organisations and over 40 global aviation authorities, Baines Simmons are specialists with over 20 years experience that enables them to deliver a range of specialist services, which ensure that their clients are operating safely and are compliant with regulatory standards.

Redline Assured Security is a specialist provider of government standard security solutions with over 15 years experience. Trusted by organisations worldwide, they are committed to enhancing the delivery of assured security in regulated, high value and high threat environments by providing a high standard of training, consulting, managed services and technology solutions to their clients.