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Crisis Communication Services

In the wake of an incident, your company’s reputation is at risk, affected loved ones are desperately seeking information, staff are distressed, and the organisation is thrust into the centre of a media and social media storm. It is an overwhelming and challenging time. 

With decades of experience providing crisis communications support, counsel, and strategic guidance to public and private sector clients during and after a crisis, our top-tier team of global professionals are experts at navigating complex crisis communications. From acts of terror to mass-fatality transport incidents and natural disasters, they can offer immediate and long-term support to overcome any crisis, regardless of location, scale or cause. 

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Crisis Communications Services at a Glance

  • Provide on-site Crisis Communications advice.
  • Prepare Spokespeople for media interviews and press conferences.
  • Assist in writing press statements for the website and social media.
  • Liaise with the Media Call Centre to distribute press statements directly to news media contacts.
  • On-site and remote support in clients' offices, on scene and at secondary locations.

Company communications must be rapid, accurate, and compassionate to safeguard your reputation, regain control of the narrative, and provide support and reassurance to those affected. Kenyon Emergency Services can assist with briefing spokespeople, drafting media and press responses, creating social media and website strategies, preparing you for communications with families and staff, and ensuring your message is always conveyed effectively and respectfully.

Kenyon can also support you with crisis preparedness, offering extensive planning and training services to ensure you are ready, should the unthinkable ever become a reality. 

Media, Press, Print and Social

If your organisation is involved in a major incident, you will be faced with an overwhelming level of global media attention and social media scrutiny. Many will be looking to you for answers or updates. The incorrect handling of social media accounts, press conferences, media enquiries or company statements can cause further distress to affected friends and families and irreparable damage to the company’s reputation. 

Our highly experienced Crisis Communications specialists have supported public and private sector clients through serious incidents of all types and scales. Their wealth of crisis experience makes them experts at anticipating and diffusing potential issues, providing senior-level counsel, crafting media and press responses, thoroughly briefing spokespeople, advising on crisis-considerate website and social media strategies, and ensuring your communications adhere to regulatory constraints and are respectful of cultural and religious beliefs. 

From providing immediate support to navigating the crisis and overseeing your return to pre-incident activity, Kenyon Emergency Services' Crisis Communications team can help regain control of the narrative, safeguard your company’s reputation, and ensure all communication is professional, compassionate, and sending the right message.

Family Communications

At the very heart of your Crisis Communications effort are the families and friends of those injured, missing, or who have tragically lost their lives. At such a challenging time, our Crisis Communications service, which works alongside Kenyon’s admired Humanitarian Response Team, will provide you with much needed support, strategic assistance and stability, thoroughly preparing you to deliver rapid, accurate and compassionate updates to loved ones. Our approach is underpinned by a commitment to view every action through the eyes of the affected families. 

Bringing a wealth of crisis experience across a wide range of sectors, our expert team can maintain a constant presence, supporting your existing communications team and providing high-level counsel for as long as needed. We will also work alongside Kenyon’s Family Assistance Centre team to facilitate daily in-person briefings.

Internal Communications

Your employees will be deeply unsettled in the aftermath of a tragic incident, where they may have even lost friends or colleagues. It is crucial to keep them well-informed and provide the support and guidance needed to navigate such challenging and unknown times. An effective internal Crisis Communications response will not only help to maintain their personal wellbeing and confidence in the company, but will ensure your staff, the frontline of your organisation, receive rapid, empathetic and accurate updates and are able to address customer questions and concerns.

Kenyon Emergency Services' Crisis Communications team has a wealth of first-hand experience providing immediate and ongoing strategic support to organisations, regardless of the disaster's location, cause, or scale. Clients can benefit from high-level counsel, including guidance on how, where, and when to speak to staff, as well as assistance in drafting messages. Our global experience also means we can keep you informed of any regulatory issues and ensure all communications are respectful of cultural or religious beliefs.

Briefing and Debriefing Support

When your company is involved in a critical incident, it is vital that you carry out regular internal and external briefings, ensuring that the loved ones of those impacted, your staff and stakeholders, and the media are kept updated. Briefings can be challenging, but our highly experienced Crisis Communications team can thoroughly prepare your spokespeople, ensuring they know what to expect and are capable of delivering clear, accurate and compassionate updates. 

If well delivered, these briefings provide much needed information and context about the processes underway, instil confidence in the response effort, prevent the spread of misinformation, and ultimately help to safeguard your brand’s reputation. Kenyon’s Crisis Communications team can support in briefing preparation for any event, whether it be a tragic mass fatality incident, a reputation damaging issue, or a significant company announcement. 

Kenyon also recognises the importance of debriefing and post-crisis assessment and will work with you to pinpoint critical learnings, highlight training needs, flag team growth opportunities, and identify areas of success. 

Training and Planning

In today’s media-hungry and increasingly connected world, having specialist pre-incident training and an effective Crisis Communications response plan is critical to ensuring your company can navigate a complex incident. As leaders in Crisis Communications with a wealth of experience delivering solutions for clients across the public and private sectors, we can help you write and implement plans, practice how to execute them, and should a crisis occur, support you in responding to one of the greatest challenges you’ll ever face. 

Kenyon’s Crisis Communications Training programme equips your CEO and senior leadership team with the skills needed to be a company spokesperson. It includes specialist personal coaching on delivering briefings and press conferences, on-camera exercises such as practice press interviews, and analysis of real-world scenarios. We also run bespoke courses on industry-specific threats or concerns, such as responding to an act of terror or a transportation incident. 

In addition, we offer an expert Crisis Communications Planning service where we assess existing plans, highlight areas where improvement is needed, or work with your existing crisis communications team to write and implement a new, detailed response plan.