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Disaster Human Services

Should the unthinkable happen, you need to be prepared. Many distressed people who need information, or have information to give, will turn to you. With Kenyon’s highly experienced Disaster Human Services team by your side, supporting the families who’ve lost loved ones and managing your immediate and long-term crisis response, will be easier.

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Disaster Human Services at a Glance

Management and First Response:

  • Activate the Crisis Management Centre at Kenyon's Office and and establish an Incident Management Centre and Joint Operations Centres at the scene.

Family Assistance Centre:

  • Establish a Family Assistance Centre as close to the scene as possible.
  • Provide all supplies and staff to manage FAC operations, including childcare, multifaith arrangements, family briefings, private interviews, JFSOC, translation and site visits.

Special Assistance Teams:

  • Deploy a SAT team to provide practical and emotional support for the families, wherever needed.
  • Perform information collection for INTERPOL DVI processes.
  • Provide mental health support to families, staff, and responders.
  • Plan and facilitate visits to the incident site.

Family Website and Long-Term Care:

  • Build and update a family website and manned information line to disseminate information to families after the FAC is closed.

Immediately after the event, family and friends searching for even the smallest piece of information will need a safe and private space to do so. Managing this process efficiently and compassionately will not only provide them with valuable updates, but will also give you access to vital information that will aid your response – from DNA collection to gathering next of kin details.

With a wealth of experience and an expert team of over 2500 global Kenyon Responders, specialising in everything from interacting with families to managing the identification process and ensuring legislation compliance, we offer industry-leading humanitarian support on a worldwide basis, no matter the type of crisis. 

Family Assistance Centres

When an incident occurs that claims lives, the victims’ families need to be looked after as soon as possible. Kenyon will assist you in rapidly establishing, maintaining, and running an appropriately located Family Assistance Centre (FAC), ensuring it has everything those affected by the crisis require. This includes lodging, meals, coordination of local ground transportation, security, child care services, specialist disaster mental health support, and spaces for group and private updates, including translation and interpreter services. Our expert team will also manage all logistical, data management, and financial operations to ensure smooth running.

No matter how large or small the incident, Kenyon can always guarantee the FAC’s compliance with international legislation, an area in which our extensive experience makes us experts. The successful operation of a FAC relies on the skill, knowledge, and care of many people, and our highly experienced team will work tirelessly to deliver the best possible humanitarian support. 

Family Assistance Centre (FAC) Management and Special Assistance Team (SAT)

When your company has a crisis that leads to loss of life, it’s a profoundly challenging time for everyone involved. The families affected will inevitably turn to you for answers and support, and while your staff and government agency personnel have the best intentions, they often lack the specialised training and experience needed to assist grieving families effectively.

Kenyon’s Special Assistance Team (SAT) and Family Assistance Centre (FAC) Management Team provide the essential link between survivors, affected families, and the various organisations involved in the response. Their role is pivotal and greatly influences the success of the entire response effort.

The SAT and FAC Management team arrive 24-48 hours after Kenyon’s First Responders and step in to become the compassionate face and voice of the response, offering practical support, helping to navigate complex emotional challenges, and delivering clear and empathetic updates. We strongly recommend your key staff also undergo SAT training, to be able to work alongside Kenyon’s experts. 

Mental Health and Welfare Service

Limiting a disaster’s emotional toll and complex mental health implications is a vital humanitarian support service. Its importance cannot be overestimated. That’s why, in addition to Family Assistance Centre operations, Kenyon can provide specialist disaster Mental Health professionals to support and counsel family members, staff who were first responders, survivors of incidents, and your employees. These crisis-trained individuals are highly skilled in dealing with sudden, unexpected deaths and mass fatality events. 

Kenyon's Mental Health professionals can be deployed to assist with incidents of any size, from large-scale disasters to single tragic losses. They are trained to work in conjunction with local agencies to assess need, support Employee Assistance Programmes and HR departments with debriefings, running group sessions and ongoing follow-ups. As well as providing telephone support to those unable to meet in person, ensuring a safe road to recovery is offered to all in need.

Long Term Care and Transition Services

The needs of those affected by an incident do not end after the closure of the Family Assistance Centre, and nor does Kenyon's support offering. With decades of experience supporting companies with their post-crisis response, we can provide expert insight and advice, limit any long-term damage, organise memorial and anniversary services on an ongoing basis, and continue to deliver mental health services.

Kenyon also offers a long-term care service for affected families, staff, and everyone affected, providing ongoing support and managing next steps after the Family Assistance Centre has closed. This critical service provides updates, answers questions, and facilitates the family's wishes around crucial stages of the recovery process, such as repatriation, return of belongings, and memorial services.