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Even with plans in place and the best intentions, most organisations will need expert support to manage the consequences of a disaster. Dealing with the huge surge of calls, answering media enquiries and navigating distressing conversations with families can quickly become overwhelming. How you handle this process, the efficiency with which information is collected, and the compassion extended to victims’ loved ones will profoundly impact the success of your response and your company’s reputation. 

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Call Centre Services at a Glance


  • Immediate activation of the call centre, including toll free numbers and multilingual support.

Inbound Calls:

  • Information collection from affected families.
  • Script based system to avoid erroneous data.

Outbound Calls:

  • Check information with family members.
  • Notify families of loved ones' involvement.

Data Management:

  • Confirm all family data is recorded correctly, and ensuring information flow to FAC.
  • Input data obtained from client.

Travel Management:

  • Coordination of all families' travel and accommodation at the FAC.

Media Call Centre:

  • Establish a call centre with toll numbers for the media to make enquiries.
  • Record queries and relay latest approved press statements.

At Kenyon, we understand the gravity of these moments. With a wealth of experience and a world-class suite of call centre services, partnering with Kenyon on a pre-incident basis ensures that every caller speaks to a highly trained crisis agent and is treated with professionalism and empathy. 

Kenyon offers an International Call Centre that handles all initial family communication, travel planning, and the gathering and inputting of essential data, with capacity for 30,000 calls per day, and a Media Call Centre that expertly manages all media and press enquiries. 

International Call Centre

When your company is involved in a crisis, you’ll be inundated with phone calls from family and friends desperate for information. Having the ability to not only handle the volume of calls, but ensuring each one is answered by a trained crisis expert who can gather critical information and compassionately impart news is paramount. 

Kenyon’s International Call Centre Service have assisted companies and governments in a wide range of disasters, irrespective of the cause, scale, or location. The service is carried out from our state-of-the-art International Call Centre, and our highly experienced team can assist families in their own language, and be ready to take calls within 30 minutes of being activated, on a provided toll-free number. 

The call centre service is made up of four teams: inbound call agents, outbound notification agents, a travel and assistance team, and a data management team that centralises all information. Each specialist team is required to ensure that Kenyon can provide clients with the highest quality call centre services at a time of crisis.

Media Call Centre

If your company is at the centre of a crisis, you’ll quickly find yourself thrust into the media spotlight. The press will be relentlessly, and sometimes ruthlessly, searching for information, building a narrative of the disaster, and looking for answers. Without adequate support, this process can be overwhelming, and incorrect handling of enquiries can cause long-term damage to your company’s reputation. 

Kenyon’s Media Call Centre (MCC) can manage this process for you, ensuring a professional response. Not only does this take a major burden off your staff and phone systems, but it frees up your communications personnel to carry out other essential tasks. 

Engaging Kenyon’s MCC services on a pre-incident basis, or using Kenyon proactively to manage calls for planned events or announcements, gives you access to an expert 24/7 service that can be mobilised in under 60 minutes.