Road and Rail

Road and rail service operators know that should an accident occur, the results can be devastating for all involved. Challenges include identifying passengers without a manifest, locating and supporting victims’ families, handling complex regulatory requirements, and navigating the media storm. Whilst it will be a difficult time, having a detailed plan in place and an experienced crisis management partner by your side will help to ensure an efficient, compassionate, and professional response that aids long-term recovery.

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How we can help

For over a century, Kenyon has provided rail, bus, and car service organisations with preparedness training and world-class crisis management support. This includes deploying specialist teams to assist with expedited victim recovery and identification, providing crisis communications and legal guidance, and operating Crisis Call Centres and Family Assistance Centres.

Kenyon’s wealth of experience, specialised service offerings, and global response capability ensure that no matter the location or scale of the incident, you will have the support, strategic guidance and expertise needed to respond to it.

Services that road and rail organisations can benefit from include:

  • Immediate activation of a multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Organisation and operation of a Family Assistance Centre.
  • Rapid deployment of First Response Team to the incident site, followed by specialist teams to assist with expedited victim search, recovery, identification and other incident-specific needs.
  • Respectful repatriation of victims and their personal belongings.
  • A dedicated Incident Manager, executive-level crisis communications support, support to investigations, and road and rail regulations assistance.
  • Support and strategic guidance from Kenyon’s full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance, supplies, and equipment from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses.
  • Preparedness training includes the assessment and refinement of emergency plans, the execution of disaster drills and simulations and comprehensive spokesperson training with live-camera practical exercises.