Having responded to hundreds of mass fatality disasters, including notable incidents such as the response to Covid, the Asian 'Boxing Day' Tsunami and the Grenfell Tower Fire, Kenyon is one of the world's most experienced and respected crisis management and emergency response partners.

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How we can help

Whether it be a natural disaster, terrorist attack, health crisis, or mass fatality incident, Kenyon’s highly experienced crisis team, thousands-strong network of specialists and fully stocked global warehouses can provide governments with the surge capacity and expertise needed to respond effectively. In these challenging situations, often involving multiple government agencies, Kenyon can offer support and advice in line with the most up-to-date legislation, regulations, and internationally agreed-upon best practices. 

Kenyon is an expert in crisis management for governments and has worked as a liaison for corporate clients and as a trusted partner in an advisory role. As well as assisting with emergency response, Kenyon can also support with crisis preparedness, assessing and developing full-scale response plans and training response teams for immediate action.

Services that government organisations can benefit from include:

  • A 24/7, immediately activated multilingual and toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Mobilisation and operation of a Family Assistance Centre.
  • Recovery, identification, and respectful repatriation of victims and their personal belongings.
  • A dedicated Incident Manager and executive-level crisis communications support, and support to investigations.
  • Expert guidance on legislation, regulations, and best practices worldwide.
  • Preparedness training, including the assessing and refining of emergency plans, the execution of disaster drills and simulations, and comprehensive spokesperson training with live-camera practical exercises.
  • Our full suite of services is available on a retained basis, or a streamlined offering that includes the establishment of a call centre, the search, recovery, and return of personal effects, and the mobilisation and operation of data coordination centres is available on an as-needed basis.