Training and Consultancy


Crisis management planning is the starting point for any effective crisis response. A well-trained plan gives your team confidence in the face of terrible circumstances. The more familiar they are with their roles in a crisis, the more prepared and confident they will feel carrying out their responsibilities.

Our expert planners can assist in designing a brand-new plan for your organisation or support in auditing your current one.

Without training, you cannot expect your employees to be able to professionally respond and perform in a crisis. Training benefits more than just your staff; their crisis readiness and preparation will dictate the effectiveness of your crisis response, directly affecting the victims of that crisis, as well as your business continuity.


With a deep-rooted understanding of the critical role preparedness plays in averting, mitigating, and efficiently responding to emergencies, Kenyon harnesses over 100 years of crisis management and response experience to provide clients with sector-leading consultancy and training services.

Emergency Response Planning

A comprehensive emergency plan is essential to delivering a response effort of the highest standard and protecting your brand, reputation, and value in times of crisis.