Eleanor Bancroft

Eleanor Bancroft was born in Warwickshire in the UK but now lives in Buffalo, NY State. Ellie began her career at the BBC in London, where she was a publicist for BBC News and later a senior spokesperson for the BBC. She also held a role as Communications Manager at OFCOM, the influential UK media, telecoms, and internet regulator, overseeing all UK broadcasting regulation. Upon moving to the US, she worked as a financial crime analyst where her work included detecting money laundering, drug and human-trafficking, terrorism and fraud. After a spell at the company’s corporate press office, she moved to the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy where she managed PR and marketing for the non-profit organization. At the end of 2023, Ellie joined 3AM Innovations, a tech company specializing in solutions for first responders, where she currently leads the marketing and communications department. Ellie’s professional interests include the application of AI to comms and leveraging social media as a crisis management tool.