Kenyon Emergency Services appoints Dr Mike Rennie as new Humanitarian Services Manager

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Kenyon Emergency Services, the world leader in emergency planning and incident response and part of the global aviation services group Air Partner, a Wheels Up company, has appointed chartered psychologist Dr Mike Rennie as Humanitarian Services Manager.

A specialist in the application of psychology in military and emergency service operations, Dr Mike Rennie has spent 15 years as a Senior Lecturer in Communication and Behavioural Science at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He has mentored global leaders in operational psychology and has held a role as an academic mentor in Kabul at the Afghan National Army Officers Academy. He has been a mental health consultant to fire & rescue services in the UK, and currently holds a position on the leadership team of Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue.

At Kenyon, Dr Rennie will manage the development and delivery of humanitarian services. The portfolio includes support provided for survivors and families at the point of the incident and support for survivors, families and responders following an incident. The portfolio also includes mental health awareness training for Kenyon’s own clients, a pre-emptive measure that is supported by research, which demonstrates that mental health awareness training can increase a person’s resilience, equipping them with the tools to better handle adverse situations.

Dr Rennie says: “The widespread mental health impact of being involved in or witnessing trauma cannot be underestimated. Our humanitarian services support not only the bereaved and survivors, but we also ask ourselves “who helps the helpers?” and provide mental health support to Incident responders.”

As an Academic, Dr Rennie has strong links to numerous diverse institutions and professional bodies, holding Fellowships in several, and regularly delivering presentations at conferences. 

Before joining Kenyon full-time as Humanitarian Services Manager, Mike was a Mental Health Advisor to the team at Kenyon.

Kenyon has over 117 years of hands-on experience managing complex international crises and stands as the leading full-spectrum provider of disaster response services. These services include disaster planning, incident management and recovery. Kenyon’s staff and services are the most experienced and adept of their kind and are trusted by over 600 businesses and governments worldwide. 

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