Kenyon International Launches New Kenyon Response Family Contact Web Form

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Kenyon International Emergency Services announced today the launch of the Family Contact Web Form, the latest upgrade to Kenyon’s data management software, Kenyon Response®. The innovative new addition streamlines the data collection process by making the sharing of essential incident information instantly accessible.

In any incident, there is a vast amount of data to manage concerning all those people directly affected by it. The Form will allow the loved ones of a person directly affected by an incident to submit enquiries, regardless of their location, via the web; up until now, this has only been possible by the traditional, toll-free telephone number. Those accessing the web-based Form will be able to immediately provide their personal information, the name of the person they would like to enquire about and their relationship to the person. That information will be automatically uploaded to Kenyon Response® to then be reviewed, verified and entered into the working incident database by Kenyon’s Data Management team.

“Kenyon has the reputation of leading the way in enhancing service provision to its Clients. We are, therefore, delighted to be in a position to offer this ground-breaking feature as part of our existing Kenyon Call Centre Services,” states Kenyon’s new CEO Simon Hardern. “The feedback we have had from a number of Clients who kindly tested it for us indicates it will have significant utility in the event of an incident activation.”

Kenyon Response® is a powerful, scalable enterprise data management software package developed by Kenyon to help it handle every aspect of a crisis response on behalf of a Client. It was developed to ensure that survivors of an incident, or the family members of those affected, don’t have to provide the same information twice and that, as important, the measures taken to support them are actioned, coordinated and communicated with all those who are involved in the response.

About Kenyon International Emergency Services
Kenyon is the international leader in worldwide disaster management, providing pre-incident crisis planning and post-emergency response services on behalf of many of the world’s foremost companies. Privately owned and with over a hundred years’ experience, it remains the only firm in its business with comprehensive resources and experience in every type of mass fatality accident, including aviation, industrial and natural disasters, war and terror attacks. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kenyon has its main operational facility in Bracknell, UK and representation in Sydney, Australia, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Beirut, Lebanon. Learn more at