With an alarming rise in loss-of-life incidents occurring on education campuses and a growing number of students studying and participating in educational activities abroad, schools, colleges and universities must now establish comprehensive emergency response plans, extending far beyond their campus boundaries.

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How we can help

With a proven track record of responding to complex emergencies on campuses and overseas, Kenyon is an expert in crisis management for education, assisting institutions on a pre-incident basis and after tragic events. Our services include tailored team training, emergency planning, disaster drills, rapid response team deployment, and legal and crisis communication services. In addition to the establishment and operation of Family and Student Assistance Centres and victim recovery and repatriation.  

Whether it be a natural disaster, a public health crisis, an act of violence, or an unforeseen incident, the potential for disaster is a sobering reality. No matter the cause, location, or scale of the incident, a partnership with Kenyon will prove invaluable – demonstrating your commitment to safeguarding and ensuring your response is professional, precise, and compassionate.

Services that the education sector can benefit from include:

  • An immediately activated 24/7 multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Establishment of a Student and Family Assistance Centre.
  • Victim search, recovery, and identification services.
  • Respectful repatriation of victims and their personal property.
  • Rapid deployment of an expert Incident Manager and First Response Team.
  • Executive-level crisis communications and support to investigations.
  • The support and strategic guidance of our highly experienced full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance and equipment from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses.
  • Pre-incident training includes reviewing and generating emergency plans, facilitating disaster drills and exercises, preparing response teams for immediate action, and providing live-camera spokesperson training for your leadership team.