Maritime crises are rare, but when disaster does strike, they can swiftly become major emergencies marked by tragic loss of life. Whether involving a cruise ship, ferry, tanker, or other vessel, those impacted will look to you for answers and information about their loved ones. Having a well-structured crisis management strategy and an experienced emergency response partner can mean the difference between chaos and a coordinated, empathetic, and efficient response. 

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How we can help

Maritime emergencies bring a complex web of challenges, from navigating international maritime laws to liaising with regulatory authorities and attending to a multitude of victims and families, often of many different nationalities. With significant expertise in crisis management for maritime organisations, Kenyon can support you with pre-incident preparedness and in the aftermath of a tragic event. Our goal is to provide the crisis expertise you’ll need to deliver a rapid, professional, and compassionate response that not only aids your long-term recovery but also helps to safeguard your company’s reputation. 

Services that maritime organisations can benefit from include:

  • An immediately activated multilingual toll-free call centre and information line.
  • Rapid mobilisation and operation of Family Assistance Centres.
  • Victim search, recovery, and identification services.
  • Compassionate repatriation of victims and their personal property. 
  • Immediate support and expedited on-site arrival of an expert Incident Manager and First Response Team.
  • Executive-level crisis communications support, support to investigations, and maritime regulations assistance.
  • Support and strategic guidance from our highly experienced full-time crisis team, as well as additional assistance, supplies, and equipment from our thousands-strong global network of specialists and our fully stocked warehouses.
  • Incident preparedness training includes evaluation and development of emergency plans, disaster drills and simulations, preparation of response teams for immediate action, and comprehensive spokesperson training with live-camera exercises.