Airline Response (Go) Teams

Maximum Attendance: 25 | 1 day

A Systematic Approach to Effective Deployments.

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Description:The ability of a company to project its command and control systems forward to the region impacted by the crisis will have a direct influence on the success of the recovery operation. The composition of Specialist Teams employed by a company will vary according to the circumstances of the incident. Teams will likely include: investigation, communications, humanitarian support, government affairs and also a “core” team to manage multiple deployed functions. Collectively called the “Go Team”, these teams constitute the reinforcement for existing local resources. They are the protectors of company reputation, the company’s eyes and ears and the ambassadors for company headquarters. This course will help prepare your Go Team for deployment; bolster the confidence of your team and address how the team is an essential element of achieving the company’s response objectives.

Objectives:- Consider the selection and preparation of personnel who have a deployment role
- Understand the chronological sequence from activation of the teams through deployment and on to eventual return home and return to work
- Examine the role of the corporate headquarters in supporting the deployed teams and assisting their families

Content:- Team selection and training
- Equipment and resources
- Roles and responsibilities of the Go Team members
- Reports and procedures
- Communications and the news media
- Activation and deployment
- International, cultural and religious awareness
- Team and self-care
- The return home-reintegration to normal duties

Suitable For: 
Go/First Responder Team members.

Format: Extensive use of case studies, large and small group discussions, as well as exercises.

Further Information:

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