Table-Top Exercises

Maximum Attendance: 25 | 0.5 days

Low-Intensity Testing of Plans and Procedures.

In-Company Training

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Delivered exclusively for your company

Description: Kenyon’s Table-Top Exercises offer a low-intensity classroom-based course session to review your organisation’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP). These exercises require a minimum amount of preparation and coordination. Table-Top Exercises serve the purpose of familiarising designated staff with the contents of the ERP, and their
prescribed role within the plan, as well as the process flow, checklists, escalation, procedures and close down. Table-Top Exercises are designed to cause minimal disruption to the work day, while providing maximum familiarisation with existing plans. Following the Exercise, a Kenyon expert will provide a verbal debrief and feedback on preparedness of the ERP.

Objectives:- Test the ERP
- Familiarise staff with the ERP
- Identify any weaknesses in the Plan and Response procedures

Suitable For: 
Staff with any Emergency Response Plan related responsibilities.

Format: Talking through a pre-defined scenario to test current plan.

Further Information:

To schedule a Table-Top Exercise or discuss a custom consultancy package, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.