Crisis Communications: General Media Awareness

Maximum Attendance: 25 | 0.5 days

Managing the Spotlight.

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Description: This course is for personnel that are likely to be approached or contacted by media following a disaster. When a major incident or accident has happened, staff at the main office and other high-profile locations might find themselves in the spotlight and will need to know how to respond appropriately. They won’t be performing the role of spokesperson, but by being able to stay calm under pressure and refer journalists to the correct channels for enquiries, they will gain the skills and knowledge they need to help protect the company’s reputation in an emergency.

Objectives:- Understand company policy for managing media enquiries
- Develop the knowledge needed to handle the media when approached
- Discuss and practise appropriate response to media in the aftermath of a crisis
- Review good and bad examples of communications in a crisis

Content:- Protecting the company’s reputation
- Knowing what you can and cannot say
- Adhering to the social media policy
- Handling a media ambush
- How you arrange a news conference
- Top tips on conducting and interview
- Reviewing recent case studies

Suitable For: 
Station Managers, Site Managers and Customer Service Personnel.

Format: Extensive use of theory, case studies and scenario-based exercises to prepare front-line staff for handling the pressure of media scrutiny in the aftermath of a crisis.

Further Information:To learn more about the Crisis Communications (General Media Awareness) Training, please e-mail or contact the Kenyon UK Office at +44 (0) 1344 316 650.